This is a collection of my paintings from 1990 to 2009. The works are from my studios in NYC, Tokyo and San Francisco.


Special thanks to all who helped and collected my art.


American dreamer. The 60's & 70's, a time of awakening for the American consumer, not just the consumer who built America but the consumer who was created by the mass media. Mass media, itself a new creation ushered in with the television age, continues today forging it's way on the information highway. In realty, on-line users hoping for a brave new medium uncensored by commercial breaks. The goal of advertisers is creating consumers every step of the way.

Television was not originally created for advertisers but for cultural and spiritual growth. The original creator of the television committed suicide because of depression brought on by what he perceived had happened to his creation. Some religious people believe today's Messiah will make his return and it will be televised so the whole world can see! I, hope he or she has some air time sponsors. The ultimate consumer is the ecstatic consumer. To be dragged into the future by product motivation exemplifies the desires of the advertiser. Advertising, promotion, sales and word of mouth can be and must be applied to any financial adventure. Even the lofty world of Fine Art requires these tools to survive financially. Cash is culture/culture is cash.


Ecstatic consumer,

1993 © Greg Kaats,

10 PANELS, Each Panel 32" X 32"

(81.28 X 81.28 cm)

Oil Stick on Canvas

Popular product images sprang up in the surrealist era and have continued to hold onto the artist's imagination and fascination for all things new. Duchamp's ready-mades helped mold the aesthetic situation which made pop possible3. Warhol and his contemporaries infused popular culture into American painting and launched American Pop. America's obsession with scrubby clean images was reflected in pop painting. After reading a report on the "Top Ten Consumer Products", I decided to do a series of studies on each product. First, I carefully selected the proper items, keeping an eye on the primary colors used by manufacturers. The return to easel painting was my chosen medium and completing each piece in one sitting was the goal. The precise image limitations of each product was the visual edge needing to be broken off. This was an effort to restore legitimate content to my subject matter.



1992 © Greg Kaats

10 PANELS, Each Panel 30" X 20"

(76.2 X 50.8 cm)

Oil Stick on Canvas


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