Smashing the cultures of American, Mexican and Japanese all merge into these pieces. Balazo Gallery & Mission Badlands was a Latino run gallery with a running series of Mexican culture based exhibition themes.

"Immaculate Virgin",

© 1997 / 2011 Greg Kaats

22" X 30" (56 X 76 cm) Serigraph on BFK Rives Paper

Above: Installation View

A bus on a lonely curvy dirt highway high in the mountains of South America. Already people have died along this route markers reminding us that danger lurks in our everyday procession.


"Bus of Souls",

© 1997 Greg Kaats

11.25" X 18.75" (28.5 X 47.5 cm)

Oil Enamel on wood.


The summer fun show Hot Dogs BBQ’s Hot Rods and Beer. The cultural melding of summer. Ramen Carts in Tokyo, Hot Dog Carts in New York, icons of food culture. The Dutch masters of old’s fresh fruit has been replaced by the processed food icon of today the Hot Dog and Bun. On this painting “Hot Dog” is spelled out in Japanese phonetic writing. The Doggie Image is from the last standing Doggie Diner head in San Francisco, maybe the world, it’s close by so I used it. It to has the Japanese writing that reads Hot Dog Store except using the idiom Ya (store in Japanese). Ramen is the matching snack to the hot dog in Japan so I decided to use the pig chef, based on a japanese ramen company logo. This painting has Japanese phonetic writing on it that reads “Pork Chop”. A set of 10 images were used in the exhibition. An endless summer series.


1. Hot Dog Ya (Doggie Diner) 2. Hot Dog - Perro Caliente, 3. Porkchop

© 1998 Greg Kaats

Each 10" X 10" (25.5 X 25.5 cm) Oil on Canvas


Mexican wrestling "Luche Libre" has it's traditions and roots back to the early 50's when television was young and exciting. Flying gladiators crush the cruel for the weak and oppressed, fold theatre at it's finest. Slamming cultural images of American, Mexican and Japanese all merge in this piece about visitors to a foreign land.


"Luche Libre, Foreigner Super Night",

© 1998 Greg Kaats

32" X 16" (81 X 40.5 cm)

Oil, Enamel and Glitter On Canvas



Reincarnation motors, life cycles itself over and over. The day of the dead and the respect of those that came before us.


"Angel Motor Company",

© 1997 Greg Kaats

Overall 7" X 21" (18 X 53.5 cm)

Oil Enamel on wood.



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